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Here are my thoughts on topics that I find relevant to me, or just want to go on a nice rant.

You're chosing to dive into the ramblings of my mind, don't be surprised to find a mad man or a genius (maybe a little of both?). 😉

2023 Is Dead! Long Live 2024!

What a year it's been. I've long disliked the cliche "That year just flew by!" but holy shit this year really did. This year I changed jobs, organized a regional conference, started a new meetup, and got a new puppy just to name a few things.

Oh Shit, I Haven't Blogged in a While

You ever look at your blog and say to yourself "I should blog more"? Ya. I've been doing that for almost two years now. Now while most of you probably follow me already, maybe you missed a few moments along the way. So buckle up, I'm going to catch up on two years of blogging in this post.

How I Write Conference Talk Proposals

As a Developer Advocate, speaking at conferences is an integral part of my career. I submit many papers to conferences all around the world. Over the years, I've developed a process for thinking about, writing, and submitting talks for conferences. In this post, I'll share with you my process for writing CFPs.

Random Musings About Resumes

Drafting a resume can be a nerve wracking experience. While there are many resources available for creating a resume, I still see the same mistakes year after year on resumes. In this post I'll discuss my philosophy regarding resumes and some tips on how to make yours better.

Year of the Linux Desktop

After decades of trying to ignore or straight up bashing Linux, Microsoft has finally embraced the loveable penguin. So much so that it ships a Linux kernel on your Windows OS by default! What does this mean for the sake of development? Is it finally the year of the Linux desktop?