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Professional Biography / tl;dr

I'm terrible at having to write bios for talks that I want to present, so I'm putting it here just to keep everything together. If you need a bio for me, please take this one.

Mason is currently a Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer at who specializes in building community, developer-focused educational content, distributed systems, and Python. Prior to his work at Temporal he launched Developer Relations at as the Lead Developer Advocate, and was a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean specializing in Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies. His engineering experience includes time as an SRE helping build and maintain a highly available hybrid multi-cloud PaaS. He's an avid programmer, speaker, educator, and writer/blogger. He is an organizer of PyTexas, President of the PyTexas Foundation, and actively contributes to open source projects. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, camping, kayaking, and exploring new places.

My Resume

Longer, More Robust Biography

I am currently a Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer at Temporal

Previous Roles

Lead Developer Advocate -

Sr. Developer Advocate - DigitalOcean

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer - HomeAway/Vrbo/Expedia Group.

While at Vrbo I was a Senior Site Reliability Engineer for the Cloud Platform Team at HomeAway (a member of Expedia Group) in Austin, Texas. My team and I build and maintain a Platform as a Service for all HomeAway developers. We are currently running tens of thousands of containers running on hundreds of nodes in datacenters in multiple datacenters around the world.

I have worked as both a software/systems engineer and systems administrator. I am passionate about Python, Education, Security, Privacy, all things Open Source (technologies, communities, oddly licenses...) just to name a few.

I'm a graduate of Texas State University, receiving dual degrees in Computer Science (BS) and Music (BA).

Software Engineer II - Raytheon Websense/Forcepoint