Giles is Python based ILS (Integrated Library System) focused around personal home libraries.


Who better to inspire a simple, clever, and easy-to-use Integrated Library System than one of the most badass librarians ever?

Rupert Giles

The Project

This project aims to be a simple Integrated Library System for personal libraries. Most of the open source ILS have tons of features that I don’t really need or want. The main goal of this was to make sure I don’t purchase a book twice whilst on a binge purchase at Barnes & Noble, to know who I’ve lent books to, and let others view and search my library so they don’t buy me a gift book I already own. Most definitely more features will be added, but I’m happy with that being a 1.0 release.

Current Progress

The project stalled right out of the gate, but it is still something I desparately want to work on. It is just, unfortunately, further down the priority list of projects. 😞

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